FEA Structural AnalysisFinite Element Analysis FEA
Simulations for thermal and structural scopes
CFD Progetti offers a wide range of consultancy services in the mechanical design making use of physical and aerodynamic knowledge acquired during the academic experiences and the large number of recent-year collaborations and of numerical techniques called FEA (Finite Element Analysis). The company is able to drive the Customer along the entire product development, from the concept until the production. The range of applications the society operates into is wide. An expert and technical team carefully manages Customer demands guaranteing a specialized consultancy. Provided services are continuously expanding and improving, with the aim of making available to our Customers maximum quality, cutting-edge solutions and a time-cost ratio in accordance with market demands.

Our main areas of expertise are the followings:
Materials Characterization
Verification in Accordance with Laws
Linear and Non-Linear Problems
Static and Dynamic Problems
Contact Problems
Impulsive Dynamics - Collisions
Fatigue and Creep
Modal Analysis
Steady and Transient Thermal Analysis
Mechanical Optimization