CFD AnalysisComputational Fluid Dynamics CFD
Fluidynamic analysis and design
CFD Progetti offers a wide range of consultancy services in the fluidynamic design making use of physical and aerodynamic knowledge acquired during the academic experiences and the large number of recent-year collaborations joined with the so-called CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The company is able to drive the Customer along the entire product development, from the concept until the production, basing its choices on the cutting-edge available techniques and on multidisciplinary competences. The range of applications the society operates into is wide. An expert and technical team carefully manages Customer demands guaranteing a specialized consultancy. Provided services are continuously expanding and improving, with the aim of making available to our Customers maximum quality, cutting-edge solutions and a time-cost ratio in accordance with market demands.

Our main areas of expertise are the followings:
External / Internal Aerodynamics
Steady / Unsteady / Transient Fluxes
Laminar / Turbulent Fluxes
Multiphase Fluxes / Phase Change / Reactive Fluxes with Radiation
Incompressible / Compressible / Ipersonic Fluxes
Numerical Optimization based on Gradient-Based / Evolutionary Algorithm
Conjugate Simulations
Porous Media
Fluxes Evolving in a Moving Reference Frame (MRF)
Fluid-Structure Interaction
Moving Mesh Simulations
Moving Body Simulations in a Fixed Domain
Aeroacoustic Analysis