Combustion ProcessesCombustion Processes Analysis
Optimize the combustion processes
Reactive phenomena are present in a lot of industrial processes and usually drive their efficiency. Exploiting its expertises developed in a lot of industrial counsaltancies, CFD Progetti supports the Customer in the design of the most used combustion systems. Moreover, following to the recent introduction of strict laws regarding pollution and toxic substances dispersion inside the environment, our engineers make their experience available for qualifying the adequacy of combustion processes in already functioning plants.

Among the plants the society has been involved into, the followings are cited:
Burners for Industrial Boilers
Refinery Industrial Flares
Turbomachinery Combustion Chambers
Pilot Systems

Activities are focused on the main issues regarding the above systems, that is, consumption reduction, flame stabilization and pollutant species emission decreasing. CFD Progetti is able to perform numerical analysis by means of widely used commercial softwares joined with in-house tools fitted on chemical phenomena to be studied. Among the main issues the society is able to deal with, the following are cited:
Thermal Release
Flammability Limits
Flame-Holding, Flashback and Blow-Off Phenomena
Delay Time
Pollutant Emissions
Combustion Efficiency
Radiative and Convective Thermal Loads
Thermo-Acoustic Instabilities (Humming)
Fuel-Oxidizer Mixing