Oil & GasOil & Gas
Oil & Gas field has to deal with extremely complex problems regarding both the interaction with the geographical environment and the plant installation in terms of machinery which is needed for extraction, refinery and transportation of raw materials. In the past, design and upgrade of plant and process techniques was mainly based on practic experience previously gained. This implied a great inertia to innovative and promising solutions. At the present the situation is changing: numerical simulations, expecially in the fluidynamic (CFD) and mechanical (FEM) fields, are becoming essential due to the good results obtained and to the availability of powerful computational tools. CFD Progetti has become a part of this framework by the collaboration with important industrial partners.

Being involved in both production process and extraction plant fields, the company has gained competences in the following sectors:

Industrial Flares
They are devices whose aim is to avoid that pollutant substances produced by refinery processes enter the atmosphere; they allow for a combustion process that transforms the above substances in others that are environmentally safe. Problems concerning these kind of structures regard reactive fluidynamics, mechanics and chemistry, and they are deeply connected ones to the others. Based on its multidisciplinary competences, CFD Progetti gives Customers support about different kind of industrial flares, among which we mention the hydrocarbon and the acid ones. The main services provided are:
Combustion efficiency computation
Study of flame and plume shape and position
Mass fraction estimation of chemical species involved
Flow field analysis internally and externally to the tip
Estimation of thermo-mechanical loads acting on the tip shell
Flash-back and blow-off phenomena study
Simulation of flame stabilization and anchorage
Mixing analysis of chemical species involved in the process

Industrial Valves Design
CFD Progetti is able to help Customers in designing and checking industrial valves from fluidynamic and mechanic points of view. Analysis can be performed at different operating conditions in order to study different aspects, such as:
Equilibrium position of non-return valves
Unsteady analysis of flow field during a rapid closure followed to an upstream depressurization, joined with the velocity computation of the impact between the valve and its case
Efflux coefficient (Cv) estimation according to CEI EN 60534-2-1
Evolving mass flow evaluation inside the circuit according to the pressure boundary conditions; critical effluxes detection (cavitation and chocking)
Pressure losses for a wide range of valves
Characteristic functioning curves evaluation

Plant Components Design
CFD Progetti is often involved in the design and in the support to the design of a wide range of components operating in plants for extraction, refinery and transportation of raw materials, such as, both ground and marine piping ducts. We are able to perform different kind of activities, among which we cite:
Mechanical simulations on platforms for their verification according to rules indicated by the Customer fluid-structure
Interaction analysis on tubes and support structures of offshore and onshore plants
Mechanical design of joints and general supports
Design of axial and centrifugal pumps, of aspiration pumps, ecc.