MarineNaval Industry
Fluid Dynamics applied to Naval Design
In the past naval/marine design was based on experimental evaluations. Due to the high costs and to the corresponding difficulties in making up the test beds, in the last decade numerical simulations have become one of the main tools used in this field, mainly for fluidynamic and structural analysis. Into this new framework CFD Progetti has seized the opportunity of making its powerful computational knowledge and tools available to the major manufacturers.

Among the main activities which CFD Progetti has been involved into we list the followings:
Virtual Towing Tank
Sails Aerodynamics
Wave Response
Manoeuvrability Prediction
Planing and Displacement Hulls Hydrodynamics
Propeller Design
Hydrofoils and Appendages Design
FE Structural Analysis (Static, Dynamic, Harmonic, Fatigue)
Failure Analysis
VPP (Velocity Prediction Program) Development