Thermal designThermal Design
Solutions for heat transer problems
CFD Progetti offers a wide range of consultancy services on thermal exchange issues during the concept and design stages of new products and in the failure analysis regarding functioning machines. Basing on the expertises acquired in the industrial and scientific fields, the company makes available to the Customer its technical support in the evaluation of thermal fluxes and thermo-mechanical loads on entire machines or plants and on their single components. Our team deals with thermal problems combining empirical and correlative approaches to detailed cutting-edge analysis this combination is made possible by joining widely-used commercial softwares with ad-hoc in-house codes, allowing for an excellent fitting to the desired object.

Our main areas of expertise are the followings:
Conductive / Convective Thermal Exchange Problems
Radiative Thermal Exchange Problems in the Presence / Absence of Participating Medium
Radiative Thermal Exchange Problems among Opaque Surfaces
Thermal Verification according to Laws on Detailed Components
Cooling Systems Development and Optimization
Thermal Recovery Units Efficiency Increase
Steady / Transient Thermal Exchange Issues
Air-Air Heat Exchanger Design
Air-Water Heat Exchanger Design
Water-Water Heat Exchanger Design