Turbomachinery DesignGas Turbines
Turbomachinery is one of the fields which CFD Progetti has been mainly involved into. Thanks to the long-term experience developed in collaboration with leading industries, in the gas turbine field the company is able to operate and make technical counsaltancy regarding a wide range of areas. Among these, the followings are cited:

Thermo-Fluidynamic Analysis
Multi-stage computations for the aerodynamic performance evaluation blade profile and meridional channel shape optimization study of unsteady phenomena fluid-solid conjugate analysis characteristic functioning curves evaluation TG container extraction system optimization study and design of cooling systems, air-intakes, secondary-air-systems, rotor-stator cavities, blade platforms, labyrinth closure systems, rotor blade tip clearances, ecc.

Blade & Vane Design
Estimation of thermo-fluidynamic loads on blade external sides, and of thermal loads inside the blades and on blade platforms cooling networks modeling inside blades blade 3D model generation FEM thermal computation on the entire 3D blade model, ecc.

Cooling Systems Design
Design of turbine blades shower heads and of blade platform film-cooling systems blade thermal behavior modeling after TBC application blade cooling network parametric modeling impingement cooling systems upgrade thermal baseline definition of turbine blades having a wide range of different cooling systems comparison between metallographic and FEM analysis results thermal failure analysis conformity analysis for turbine blades acceptance experimental blade flushing feasibility study regarding the complete re-design of blade complex cooling systems ecc.

Secondary-Air-System Design
Extraction circuits analysis evaluation of rotoric and statoric leakage mass flow rate, of stator-rotor cavity sealing mass flow rate, of combustion chamber cooling mass flow rate computational tools development for the complete simulation of air-secondary-systems and for rotor thrust evaluation secondary-air-system checking in design and off-design operating conditions Client coaching in the design of new TG secondary-air-systems feasibility study regarding the modification of secondary-air-system components, ecc

Performance Analysis
Modeling of gas turbine single components in a lot of off-design operating conditions models integration and modular tools development for gas turbine plant performance evaluation feasibility study for the design of new gas turbines, ecc.

Combustion Chambers
Flame stabilization by means of swirler and pilot systems thermal loads evaluation on liner walls cooling systems sizing pollutant emissions reduction flame temperature control fuel-oxidizer mixing modeling flammability limits estimation flame-holding, flashback and blow-off phenomena modeling combustion efficiency evaluation radiative and convective thermal flux computation thermo-acoustic instabilities analysis-humming phenomena, ecc.

Failure Analysis
Field data analysis for understanding the conditions causing the failure multidisciplinary approach for acquiring the know-how needed for understanding failure causes component modeling by means of mechanical-thermal-fluidynamic simulation tools problem solving support, ecc.
Turbomachinery DesignHydraulic Turbines
In addition to the gas turbine field, CFD Progetti specializes also in the performance analysis and design support of hydraulic turbomachines. The company is able to deal with the entire design procedure of this kind of machines, providing deep technical competences regarding both the fluidynamic and mechanical aspects by means of numerical steady and unsteady simulations. Expertises developed into this field are applied to a lot of activities, among which the followings are cited:

Single components performance analysis and fluidynamic optimization (impeller, dispenser and pre-dispenser)
Support in the design and development of different kind of hydraulic turbines (Francis, Pelton, Kaplan)
Internal turbine flow field detailed analysis
Turbine efficiency evaluation depending on the operating conditions
Stator-rotor interaction analysis
Exhaust diffuser fluidynamic optimization