Design Practice DevelopmentSpecific Tools Development
Development of design tools and programming
CFD Progetti is able to develop design tools and to implement computational codes according to the needs of Customer. They are typically used in the product concept, design, and check. Our technical staff specializes in the implementation of software able to model physical phenomena. The aim is always to produce a complete tool, which is at the same time reliable and intuitive to be used. Among the steps followed during the code development, the following ones are listed:
Development Planning
Theoretical-Physical Analysis of the Problem
Mathematical and Numerical Approach to the Problem Solution
Implementation and Customization
Maintenance according to a Previously Planned Upgrade Procedure
Graphic Interface Implementation
Reference Guide Editing
Continuous Support

CFD Progetti always enlarges the tool portability making them runable on Unix, Linux and MS-Windows operative system platforms. On the other side
it is able to implement code in a wide range of languages, such as:
Fortran 77/90
Matlab / Octave
Visual Basic

Moreover the ability in writing scripting procedures for automating computational chain is confirmed for the following script languages:

Among the main industrial collaborations we cite the followings:
1D codes (fluid networks, hydraulic networks, cooling networks, ecc.)
plant performance computational codes
static and dynamic analysis code for hydrodynamic bearings
robust design procedure
code for both gradient-based and evolutionary optimization procedures
simplifying metamodels for computational load reduction (ANN - Artificial Neural Networks)